Overview of Services

We will take your ideas, outline, or notes and create a text that effectively communicates to your intended reader.

It helps to have an independent eye look over your manuscript. We can do that and give you a professional opinion about what your text does or does not need, what its strengths and weaknesses are, and how it can be improved.

Substantive Editing
A substantive edit consists of a thorough review and revision of content to improve its organization and quality of communication.

Copyediting involves checking the manuscript's language for spelling, grammar, and punctuation, as well as adjusting the style to make it consistent and conform to the chosen standard. Another element of copyediting is ensuring that the text flows logically and that details remain consistent throughout the text.  We are conversant with the most common styles used, and will accommodate individual style preferences. 

Traditionally, proofreading is comparing a newly output document to the previous marked-up version, and marking the new document to indicate any corrections that were missed or any newly introduced errors. While doing this side-by-side comparison, a proofreader will note as well any other obvious typographical errors. Proofreading can also refer to simply reading through a document and marking typographical errors without referring to a previous version of the document.

Fact Checking
In fact checking, the editor reviews the manuscript and verifies simple statements of fact, such as names, dates, and numbers. For instance, if a text mentioned that a given mountain was the highest in its area, the fact checker would consult an atlas or other reliable reference to ensure this was an accurate statement.

If you need assistance gathering information, we can help.

While direct electronic manipulation of document materials is becoming increasingly popular, many people still prefer to work with hard copy. We are flexible and can work electronically, on paper, or in any combination of the two. We are equipped with both Macintosh and PC systems, and are proficient with a variety of word processing applications.

Design and Layout
Our  focus is on textual, rather than graphic, presentation. We can provide you with an appealing design that effectively presents your written message. Layout can be reproduced in word processing or PDF format.